Enabling online-offline e-money acceptance on trains, buses, taxi vans, and motorbikes

Tap into an everyday service and make your e-money service available as a payment option on all forms of transport.

Online or offline – it doesn’t matter

Enable instant tap-on transactions and topups, with or without connectivity.

Smooth journeys for customers and operators

Reduce time spent in lines and the problems of having correct change by allowing your customers to instantly pay for their fares using e-money and NFC tag, card, or phone. Also reduce leakage and human error by reducing cash handling.

Boost adoption of contactless payments

Promote contactless payment usage in everyday life through transport payments. Transport is a high-frequency purchase, by integrating contactless payments you’re able to illustrate the various benefits associated with daily use.

Standout Features

Formal acceptance

Have your e-money service integrated into existing formal transport services, e.g. trains, buses, ferries.

Informal acceptance

E-money acceptance on the mass market transport services – taxi vans, shared taxis, motorbikes.

Incentivised acceptance

Mass market transport services have unique ecosystems; ensure player is rewarded for increased usage.


Transport payments must be instant. Youtap’s brings offline transactions and topups to online e-money.

The right devices

Youtap meets the market with the best devices for each service – low cost, durable, secure.

Case Studies: Transport

MTN Africa
TCASH Indonesia
South African E-money provider

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