Telkomsel’s TCASH, Indonesia


The biggest mobile operator in the hottest payments battleground in South East Asia.

Telkomsel is the largest mobile operator in Indonesia with over 190 million subscribers.

In 2007, Telkomsel launched their mobile money services to customers under the brand TCASH. Now TCASH reportedly has over 20 million subscribers with 10 million active.

Telkomsel’s challenge: to grow uptake of its TCASH service, particularly with the lifestyle sector.

In early days, TCASH transactions were most often facilitated by a cash-in/cash-out agent. Payments made directly to merchants were cumbersome and time-consuming.

Each merchant transaction required the customer to provide proof of identity, then input a unique, ten-digit single-use token, along with the transaction amount. Not only was the process time-consuming, it also introduced opportunities for errors and misuse.

TCASH needed to relaunch and rebuild confidence, starting with the upwardly mobile and influential 20-something lifestyle sector.

So here’s what Youtap enabled for TCASH:

Telkomsel TCASH Tap television commercial targeting influential 20-somethings – contactless mobile money merchant payments by Youtap.

Telkomsel TCASH Tap television commercial targeting influential 20-somethings – contactless mobile money merchant payments by Youtap.

Telkomsel TCASH story highlighting financial inclusion qualities of TCASH and TCASH Tap – contactless mobile money merchant payments, and managed acceptance of welfare disbursements (pilot) by Youtap.

Telkomsel launch TCASH Tap on Rapid Transit Buses – online-offline contactless mobile money payments by Youtap.

Accelerating the rise of the cashless society

Telkomsel engaged Youtap to create a secure, contactless point-of-sale user experience for mobile money transactions. This youpay transformation enables TCASH mobile money subscribers to access their digital wallet for payment simply by tapping their mobile phone and entering their PIN at the point of sale – whether they have a smartphone or not.

A first – mobile money at big retail

In a market first, through the integration of Youtap’s youpay solution with in-market POS devices, Telksomsel has made mobile money an eay way to tap and pay at Tier 1 food & beverage, convenience, and FMCG retailers.

Customer & merchant engagement made easy

Youtap provided Telkomsel with our youreward solution to solve the issue of customer and merchant engagement with TCASH. By using this solution Telkomsel were able to drive TCASH engagement and loyalty by using targeted promotions for customers, and potential for rewards for merchants hitting targets.

Keeping everyday Indonesians moving

Using Youtap’s online-offline youride solution, Telkomsel is rolling out NFC TCASH payments on public transport services across Indonesia. TCASH is now a tap and pay option on various modes of formal transport including through train gates and on buses. And the opportunity exists to extend the youride service to tollroads and the informal sector of taxis and motorbikes.

Telkomsel formally launched TCASH Tap in 2016 and according to Telkomsel

TCASH is now processing over 10 million transactions each month with partner merchants.

Launching TCASH Tap has re-energized the TCASH brand.

Since the rollout of TCASH Tap, Telkomsel has seen a more than 1,000% increase in active TCASH users.

Today TCASH tap is the strongest contactless payment brand in the market, with Indomaret, McDonald’s, KFC, 7-Eleven, and many other retailers accepting TCASH.

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