Cashless supply chain

Reduce leakage and increase efficiencies by making your supply chain cashless.

Cash is still king across most growth markets. But it is costing suppliers, distributors, and merchants a small fortune in handling.

Make merchants love you

By implementing Youtap’s merchant wallets you will incentivise merchants to not only accept e-money payments, but also use e-money to pay suppliers.

Create cost savings and efficiency

Youtap’s supply chain management solution reduces the normal risks associated with cash handling in the supply chain while improving convenience for merchants and suppliers. Prevent leakage by tracking transactions, reduce the risk of theft by taking cash out of the equation.

Reduce friction for merchants and suppliers

Youtap’s merchant wallet solution provides payment acceptance from all consumer e-money wallets, settled in real-time into a universal omnichannel merchant wallet account for onward banking and supply chain payments.

Standout Features

One merchant wallet

All willing and able e-money providers in your market can transact with your merchants, settling into one account.

Working capital support

Biggest problem for merchants and suppliers is cashflow; enable access to micro loans to smooth bumps.

Real-time settlement

Real-time payment settlement breeds trust and confidence when going cashless in growth markets.

Apps & devices

Cashless solutions for all tiers of merchant and supplier, not just your largest retailers and distributors.

Merchant incentives

If not compelled to take and pay with e-money, merchants are incentivised with rewards.

Case Studies: Supply Chain

East Africa FMCG distributor
TCASH Indonesia
Afghan Wireless Afghanistan

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