Micro Finance

Enable your merchants to access loans for working capital, float, and business growth.

There are over 400M MSME’s across growth markets globally, and most lack access to finance even while they’re growing their businesses.

Issue with assurance

Confidently issue cash and topup loans to merchants – supporting working capital, inventory, and float constraints – using credit scoring based on mobile transaction activity.

Create impact where it is most needed

Support aspirational but underserved small businesses and farmers, while also having the ability to control the what and where’s of expenditure.

Better insights equal better sales

Proactively offer new financial services to merchants – pushed via notifications, promotions, SMS messages – based on credit profiles.

Standout Features

Reduce float headaches

Transaction records show which e-money agents qualifiy for regular credit topup support for their float.

Credit profiling

Build credit profiles on merchants and consumers and issue financial services accordingly.

Push service

Push new financial services to merchants via notifications, app promotions, SMS messages.

Manage defaults

While defaults are low in micro finance, simple tools help manage defaulter access to services.

Extended services

Use credit profiling to branch into new services such as delivery of micro insurance.

Case Studies: Micro Finance

African Bank
South East Asian E-money service
East African Supply chain

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