Engagement & Loyalty

Incentivising the acceptance and use of e-money.

Automatically reward your merchants and customers with points and coupons for hitting transaction targets and using e-money services at the point of sale.

Drive more loyalty

Easily launch loyalty and rewards campaigns to drive continued engagement.

Maximise the POS

Disburse, hold and redeem targeted promotions, gifts and cash backs right at any point of sale.

Use transaction data to your advantage

Build on transaction insights for targeted campaigns and improved ROI.

Standout Features

Close the loyalty loop

Disburse and redeem at point of sale through one solution; don’t juggle loyalty settlement separately.

Points, coupons, discounts

Incentivise e-money acceptance and use with rewards triggered at the point of sale.


Build on transaction insights for targeted campaigns and improved return on campaign investment.


Present daily/monthly transaction targets to merchants and reward them for achieving them.

Magic tap

Little tricks that increase visibility and uptake – enter store and “magic tap” for a lucky discount.

Case Studies: Engagement & Loyalty

Caribbean E-money provider
TCASH Indonesia
African Mobile Money Group Operator

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