Aid & Disbursements

Drive better disbursements and managed use of funds

Cash-based aid, welfare, and wage disbursements are inefficient, prone to leakage, and their effective use is unknown.

Tested in the toughest environments

Our contactless hybrid solution works both online and offline and has been deployed in the harshest environments in Africa and South-East Asia. Youtap’s cashless solution functions securely and transparently with or without regular connectivity.

End-to-end control like never before

Manage how and where disbursed funds can be used so you can best support those who need it most – farmers, remote workers, and refugees. Track transactions via dashboards so you can stay up to date anywhere.

Fast compliance and authentication

Lead underserved people into financial inclusion fast with real-time KYC validation.

Standout Features

Care Card

Issue online-offline contactless cards to manage distribution and use of disbursed welfare and aid.

Managed acceptance

Control how some of the disbursed funds can be spent – limit the merchants and available items.

Real-time KYC

Register people digitally in the field, including real-time identity validation.


Gain previously unavailable insights into how, when, and where disbursed funds are used.

Introduce new services

Displaced people are often successful people; a helping hand then leads to new service offers.

Case Studies: Disbursements

African Bank
TCASH Indonesia
Afghan Wireless Afghanistan

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