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Afghanistan’s first mobile communications company

Afghan Wireless Communications Company (AWCC) was founded in 2002, by Dr. Ehsanollah Bayat, a renown Afghan business leader and the Chairman of The Bayat Group, Afghanistan’s most prominent diversified services company, comprising Media and Telecommunications (Afghan Wireless, Ariana TV and Radio), Energy (Bayat Energy), Construction, Security and Logistics Enterprises.

AWCC is a joint venture between the Bayat Group (80%) and Afghan Ministry of Communications (20%). Together, The Bayat Group and The Government of Afghanistan have championed the growth and success of Afghanistan’s telecommunications industry.

Afghan Wireless’ challenge: Unique challenges in an unique environment

The political instability in Afghanistan led to unique challenges regarding security of payment for workers and an increased security threat associated with carrying amounts of paper currency.

My Money, the mobile payments initiative, is part of a broader effort by Afghan Wireless, its partner banks and the Government Afghanistan to empower citizens with alternatives to cash, which reduce corruption, improve governance and increase financial and economic security.

In addition to the standard mobile money transactions/ account types (customer, merchant, agent etc.) the Youtap platform also allowed for unique transactions and account types. For instance, a major point of focus for Afghan Wireless’ My Money was their Salary Payment Project.

They had demand from their business customers for such functionality that went beyond the typical mobile money transactions. Catering for this request Youtap provided an integrated solution that included enhanced AML and biometric security feature was secure to go beyond typical account balances of 3000USD and a max transaction size of 300USD.

Solution: Youtap provided the backbone of the Afghan Wireless My Money solution

So here’s what Youtap enabled for Afghan Wireless:

Afghan Wireless My Money Shopping TV Commercial – wallet and contactless+biometric mobile money merchant payments by Youtap.

Afghan Wireless My Money Money Transfer TV Commercial – wallet and contactless+biometric mobile money transfers by Youtap.

Safe, reliable and fast transactions

In a challenging region Afghan Wireless were able to implement youcare and yousend with enhanced KYC and biometric authentication measures for disbursements which have helped to reduce corruption and increase financial and economic security.

Bank from anywhere

With Youtap’s youbank solution, Afghan Wireless were able to roll out branchless banking to Afghanistan’s 34 provinces. The agents provide lightweight banking services such as mobile deposits and withdrawals and account registrations. This has helped Afghan Wireless extend it’s reach and now over 90% of Afghan citizens can access the service.

Tough solutions for tough environments

Youtap’s contactless hybrid solution works both online and offline providing Afghan Wireless with a mobile money solution that functions transparently with or without regular connectivity.

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