Afghan Wireless


Enabling peace of mind through e-money   



Afghan Wireless Communications Company (AWCC) otherwise known as Afghan Wireless, was founded in 2002. The company is a joint venture between the Bayat Group and Afghan Ministry of Communications. 

Today, Afghan Wireless delivers telecommunication services to over 5 million customers across Afghanistan’s 34 provinces.  

Political instability made owning physical currency a security threat

AWCC wanted to solve the challenges associated with the unique environment in Afghanistan.

My Money, AWCC’s mobile payments initiative, wanted to solve the security challenges posed by holding and owning physical currency. Alongside the reducing the risk the Government of Afghanistan, AWCC’s joint venture partner, wanted to reduce corruption, improve governance, and increase financial and economic security.



Merchant Payments

AWCC TVC demonstrating an every day use at a grocery store.

Shown: Biometric and Contactless mobile money merchant payments powered by Youtap

Merchant Payments

AWCC TVC demonstrating an everyday transfer use.

Shown: Contactless and biometric mobile money transfers powered by Youtap

Speedy, safe, and secure transactions

In a challenging region, Afghan Wireless engaged Youtap to deliver our Digital Banking platform.

Through our disbursements and wallet capability combined with best in class KYC and biometric authentication measures, AWCC were able to reduce corruption while increasing financial and economic security.


Bank services delivered everywhere

Using Youtap’s Agency Banking capabilities, AWCC were able to roll out branchless banking to Afghanistan’s 34 provinces. The agents provide helpful banking services such as mobile deposits, withdrawals and account registrations.

Hybrid approach to innovation

Online – Offline solutions introduced into the market by AWCC, and powered by Youtap, allowed for a solution that functions transparently with or without regular connectivity.


Results at a glance

Branchless banking available in every province in Afghanistan

Through Youtap’s Agency Banking solution AWCC were able to deliver lightweight banking services in all 34 provinces in Afghanistan

Achieving peace of mind through e-money

AWCC’s MyMoney customers were able to achieve peace of mind through enhanced KYC and biometric security while further reducing security risks through the uptake of e-money in lieu of carrying physical currency

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