Merchant &
Consumer Apps

Achieve widespread merchant acceptance of e-money with Youtap’s white-label Android™ and iPhone™ apps.

  • Rapidly go-to-market
  • Reliable instant payments using NFC and QR codes
  • Great skinnable user experience out of the box
  • Seamless KYC registration processes

Youtap Merchant App

White-label merchant app to accept contactless NFC and QR code e-money payments and transfers. Initiates all e-money transactions, including airtime topup, remittances, cash-in, cash-out.
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    Merchant & supply chain payments

    Customers pay merchants and merchants pay suppliers – a cashless ecosystem using NFC, QR codes, and real-time transfers.

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    Designed for interoperability

    Skinnable in your brand, the merchant app is designed to accept payments from multiple e-money providers into one account, and supporting customers with any device.

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    Merchant acquisition registration

    Participating merchants can download and self-register; plus merchant acquisition compensation tools to sign up additional merchants and be rewarded for doing so.

Youtap Pay &
Wallet Apps

White-label premium payment app and full wallet app to transform your e-money or mobile money service into an everyday contactless payment experience and an enjoyable P2P transfer service.
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    Over-the-counter payments

    Use NFC phones (or NFC tags), QR Codes, or manual ID entry to make real-time OTC payments

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    Rapid go-to-market

    Skinnable in your brand, with the Youtap Pay App you can quickly provide QR codes to all merchants and have a downloadable payment app for consumers.

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    Easy sign-up

    Your existing e-money users simply download and sign-in; new users complete sign-up in the app, including validation of photos and ID cards.

Device-agnostic solutions

Feature phones

Feature phone users can have their phone NFC-tagged or enter their ID manually into the Youtap Merchant App, and can use USSD for PIN entry

Smartphones & Smart POS

The Youtap Merchant App supports all Android and iOS smartphones, and all Android-based Smart POS devices

Traditional POS

The proprietary Youtap POS Application integrates with existing in-market POS device networks, enabling e-money acceptance alongside traditional payments.

Previously unseen insights

  • Merchant portal and operator dashboards
  • Understand habitual transaction behaviour and outliers
  • Monitor geographic and demographic trends
  • Build on insights for targeted campaigns and improved ROI
  • Daily and weekly target metrics for merchants and operators

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