Agency Banking

Serve the underserved and the hard to reach.

An estimated 2 billion people worldwide do not have a bank account or access to a financial institution.

Youtap can help you find them.

Easily bring banking to the unbanked

Youtap’s platform provides everything you need to roll out mass market branchless banking to provide lightweight services such as, mobile deposits and withdrawals.

Account Registration made easy

Youtap provide everything you need for easy account registration including KYC validation and account approvals.

Just like a regular branch but lightweight

Enable users to handle everything they ordinarily would at a full service branch such as wage payments and bulk payments. Also allow customers to access the bank balances for all their accounts.

Standout Features

Remote CICO

Low cost mobile solutions for remote cash-in cash-out – even with limited-to-no connectivity.

Real-time registration

Capture complete KYC registration in the field, validate against national identity databases.

Bulk tranfers

Enable bulk transfers of wages and disbursements directly into your e-money wallet.

Multiple accounts

Each user can have more than one account, such as for savings, shared, everyday, and transport.

Contactless banking

Issue low cost closed loop cards for the masses. Youtap’s online-offline solution can store value on the card.

Case Study: Agency Banking

MTN Africa

TCash Indonesia

Afghan Wireless Afghanistan

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