Love the merchant.

Youtap’s leapfrogging traditional payment processing across growth markets and:
  • Creating millions of new digital merchants
  • Enabling cashless merchant and supply-chain payments
  • Delivering financial services to these aspirational merchants

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Youtap represents the future of e-money merchant and supply chain payments and financial services across growth markets.

We’re creating a cashless e-money processing backbone providing real-time interoperable settlement of all consumer e-money payments to the merchants and suppliers of our strategic partners – e-money providers, retail & FMCG distribution groups, and banks.

The next digital merchants

There are an estimated 400m MSME’s across growth markets. Youtap’s device-agnostic contactless mobile payment solutions meet this market and support these businesses.

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Cashless supply chain and financial services

Securing cash by taking digital payments is just the start. Youtap provides cashless supply chain solutions for retailers and distributors, and provides access to micro finance to smooth cash flow and floats.

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The aspirational merchant

Youtap knows that entrepreneurs without access to traditional financial services are as aspirational as any. Youtap’s solutions are specially designed to reward frequent use and provide services access to services that support business growth.

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Where things are at today

There are over 400M Micro, Small, and Medium-sized Enterprises across growth markets globally, and most are struggling with the increasing cost of cash.

These same growth markets are seeing rapid growth in the uptake of e-money – 690m people are now using mobile money globally, not to mention the growing use of other emerging services such as Go-Jek and Grab.
Consumers want to pay the most convenient way
Merchants need to believe accepting e-money is better than cash
Merchants want to reduce costs and grow their businesses

Accept every payment with the Youtap Merchant Wallet

We make acceptance of e-money wallets easy. We aggregate all wallets and payment methods to a single POS device enabling merchants to accept any payment from any consumer e-money wallet.

  • Accept all customer e-money services
  • NFC tags, cards & phones, QR codes, biometrics
  • Use preferred merchant device
  • Be rewarded for accepting e-money
  • Make cashless supply chain payments
  • Build a credit profile
  • Access financial services
  • Push your advertising and promotions

Youtap X8

Youtap’s mass market contactless digital money payments solution for the store, supplier, street, and transport.

But don’t stop there, Youtap is 100% device agnostic – we can integrate your payment service with the existing POS networks in the market.

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Our solutions are enabling ubiquitous payment acceptance and transforming e-money into everyday accounts for merchants, suppliers, and consumers.


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We’re busy enabling the next everyday use case

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If you’re an e-money provider, merchant acquirer, retail & distribution group, or bank
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